What's with all this, is there's something happening?

The proof, is truth, it’s in your attitude
Make way, this day, to gain the unattained
Within yourself you’ll find the meaning
And then we start to realign with this course we choose it’s right
And then you realize your purpose in this life
And you go...

Pre chorus:
And I don’t mind, choking on my pride
It’s the tide it’s been rolling by
All my thoughts formed these faults
All these faults from my thoughts

And we must confess that when feel the test will lose best of our truth can’t deny
And don’t act like everything just fine
Cause it’s so decide when you lay down and you close your eyes, open up now
Now good bye

Now look around what is this all about
My words profound fighting to break out
This world inside I won't deny
To ever need to feel conflicted

Theres no reason to feel defeated
From believing everything thing is apart

Your acting exactly like know you would and fail at that you can always start and begin