New Songs are written and recorded

We are pumped to be able to compile all the recording and content around the process and story behind the message of these songs. Each will be released as singles and then later as an album. I have been hard at work creating digital content as a lead-up to the release of these tracks and am excited to take you on the journey from creation to release. As someone who has drummed for some great bands, I have been constantly met with resistance when it came to over-committing myself to making a release an actual release. Mostly ANY release I have done has led to disappointment due to the process of not releasing new music the right way. I have teamed up with Zaki Ali who is not only a mastermind when it comes to recording engineering but also production. Zaki and I  have great chemistry when it comes to creating and we get things done right and fast. This will be the first of many tracks but more about the process of releasing awesome music the right way. Join us on this amazing journey to fulfillment when it comes to pursuing something with unrelenting determination and passion.

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