Iron Maiden - “Stratego” (Cover by Of the Light)  🎼🔥🔥🔥🎼  Click Pic to Stream Stratego.

Iron Maiden - “Stratego” (Cover by Of the Light) 🎼🔥🔥🔥🎼 Click Pic to Stream Stratego.

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Original Art Rock/metal music designed to connect with your inner beast bringing out the best in you. Hard-hitting grooves with infectious melodious hooks that will get your blood pumping with a message that inspires truth.

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New Songs are written and recorded 

We are pumped to be able to compile all the recording and content around the process and story behind the message of these songs. Each will be released as singles and then later as an album. I have been hard at work creating digital content as a lead-up to the release of these tracks and am excited to take you on the journey from creation to release. As someone who has drummed for some great bands, I have been constantly met with resistance when it came to over-committing myself to making a release an…

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Download my New Single, Your Thoughts Off My EP Thee Innate   

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my Single, Your Thoughts! This may be redundant, however, most people haven't heard this song yet so its new to them and will keep posting content around it.  I really feel we are have much more to offer than what we give ourselves credit for. Capabilties that we feel afraid to act on because of a preprgrommed set of beliefts. Following your inner creative voice will lead you to fullfillment no job or money will ever be able to provide. Find yours and have fun in the…

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Recording for Thee Innate 

Most recently have finished up two tracks for the New EP entitled THEE INNATE.  

It was a very fun process working with Jeet Paul (Singer, Guitarist, and writer of Meaxic) 

He brings a great vibe to the environment and is such a great singer when it came to laying down my vocals he really got the best out of me.  I had recorded this on my acoustic first and never really was able to write the drums, bass, and other production ideas really until the day of recording. Luckily what was going on in my head…

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At Engine room Studios

New York City

Had a very productive session working with Jeet and getting some really great drum tones and laying down some powerful takes